Mason, Madison, and Slane are a trio with an impressive 38 years of combined experience in the world of cheerleading. With backgrounds in collegiate, all-star, and sideline cheerleading, as well as gymnastics, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the sport. Currently cheerleading at The Ohio State University, they have cemented their status as top-level athletes.

Their accomplishments are many, with 5 top-three finishes at UCA Nationals, Grand Champion at The Cheerleading Worlds, and the Triple Crown Champion, which includes UCA, NCA, and Cheersport Titles. Their ability to perform at the highest level has earned them a reputation as some of the most talented cheerleaders in the industry.

However, their talents extend beyond just being accomplished athletes. All three have earned their USASF coaching certification, indicating that they possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to teach the art of cheerleading. Their ability to coach and inspire athletes is unmatched, and they take great pride in helping others achieve their goals in the sport.

Their passion for cheerleading and gymnastics is evident in everything they do. Whether they are performing on the sidelines, competing on the mat, or coaching a team, Mason’s, Madison’s, and Slane’s dedication and knowledge shine through. Their experience and success in the sport make them invaluable assets to any team or organization, and their commitment to excellence is a true inspiration to all those who work with them. This trio is a force to be reckoned with in the world of cheerleading, and their passion and expertise make them true assets to any team or organization.