The College Cheerleading industry is a highly competitive field, with numerous colleges and universities vying for the best talent in the country. As a result, it can be challenging for high school athletes to navigate the complex landscape of college cheerleading recruitment. This is where “The College Cheer Guides” come in.

The College Cheer Guides is a company revolutionizing the collegiate cheerleading industry. Our flagship database is the heart of our business, providing comprehensive information on schools and their cheer programs, scholarship opportunities, tryout dates, and competition/non-competition details. In addition, our database is equipped with filters, including division, gender, and state, that help athletes find the best fit for their unique needs and goals. This information is critical for high school athletes interested in pursuing college cheerleading and college coaches looking to recruit the best talent for their programs.

We believe a strong information and knowledge foundation is essential for achieving this goal. Therefore, our services are designed to assist athletes in every step of their journey, from finding the right school and program to preparing for tryouts and competitions. We offer various other services, including podcasts, informational videos, and Q&A forums. These resources provide athletes with valuable insights and advice from industry experts and the opportunity to connect with other athletes and coaches. Our company also provides assistance to schools with recruitment, ensuring that the best talent is identified and recruited to their programs.